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Together with your HR department, we design a comprehensive relocation package and offer tailored solutions. Beginning with our consultatory service all through the implementation of the selected measures, our customer’s satisfaction is always most central to us. With our experienced and powerful team, we serve clients from a wide range of industries, start-ups as well as international big corporations. Our head office in Hamburg also coordinates mobility services worldwide and remains the central point of contact during the entire process.

Management Team

By having both experienced long-term stays abroad, Stephanie Meyer and Anja Hadick know what it means to adjust to a new environment and to manage the most diverse requirements successfully. Professionally shaped by senior positions in marketing and sales at international companies, they founded atlas relocation more than 13 years ago. atlas relocation is now a global operating agency for mobility management.

Reasons for relocating with atlas relocation

  • A high quality-directed attitude is as important to our experienced relocation consultants as being friendly and supportive at any time.
  • We guarantee responding without delay, offering adaptable solutions and unbureaucratic cooperative teamwork.
  • With genuine empathy, we commit to your requests and specifications, understanding that special circumstances need attested solutions.
  • We are attentive and sincere regarding costs efficiency, respecting schedules and sticking to a budget.
  • We know about the needs of our international customers and attend to intercultural specifics.
  • We provide emotional and practical support and are always available – even still beyond the transferring process.
  • We are an owner managed company operating as relocation experts since 2004
    and only choose employees and partners who share our philosophy.
  • This we guarantee

Unterschriften Stephanie Meyer & Anja Hadick
Stephanie Meyer & Anja Hadick
managing partners

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